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  1. Freezing of original and fake Toyota oils
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Good day to all! Recently, we managed to collect some material and write an article on the topic: " Toyota oil fake ". After reading this, you will learn how to distinguish Toyota oil from a fake, both by external signs, as well as by the liquid itself inside the canister. So let's get started.
Today the topic of fakes is as relevant as ever. The competition among auto-stores is so great that every store tries to offer its customers a better price for the products. Of course, this always works. But sellers do not always offer a good price for the original product. Agree that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Now we come to the first sign of fake butter Toyota. The price at the level of one region in all stores is about the same. The difference may be a maximum of 10-15% of the average market price. If you see oil on the display, which in other stores costs half as much, then think about its origin. No, of course, I do not exclude the fact that there may be an action etc. on the goods, but ... The average price for motor and transmission oils in retail stores is 20-30%. Not more. And if the product is sold at 50% cheaper than everywhere, then this is already a reason to think about the authenticity of the oil.
Good day to all
Now let's understand how to distinguish a fake Toyota oil on the example of engine oil Toyota Engine Oil 5W40 in a 5 l plastic canister.
1. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the plastic from which the canister is made. Plastic should be smooth and smooth. At the fake oil Toyota canister is made of rough, rough plastic. The quality of stamping always leaves much to be desired. And the measuring strip is not always even and clear. In addition, there may be defects on the stack of the two halves that make up the canister.

2. The second point is the quality of printing on the labels. Printing should be top notch. All signs, symbols, etc. should be well read and not have any shortcomings. Pay special attention to this. Colors should be bright and saturated, lines of images are clear, etc. As a rule, it is precisely the low-quality printing that gives the fake oil to Toyota.

3. The third point is the canister lid. On Toyota's counterfeit oil, the lid does not have an engraving with a canister opening pattern. On the original toyotovskom oil this engraving is present.

4. Moment number 4. Rear label. Pay attention to the text of the back label. Most of the fakes of Toyota oil have errors or typographical errors. I think no need to explain that this should not be on the original canister.

5. And the last point to which attention should be paid is the country of oil production. Original Toyota oil in a plastic canister is made in Europe. Accordingly, Mada in EU is written on the label and an addition is made in the form of the first letter of the country in which the oil is produced. For example, Mada in EU-I means oil produced in Italy. Or there may be a type in Made in EU: Italy. But there were fake oils Toyota, allegedly produced in France. Of course, this oil is not produced in France. And the presence of such an inscription says about 100% fake.

Freezing of original and fake Toyota oils

Another good way to tell Toyota's fake oil is to freeze it in a regular freezer.
If you do not look like a counterfeit on the external grounds, but you still have doubts about its originality, then just put a small amount of oil in the freezer of the refrigerator. And for more confidence, if you have exactly the same and 100% real oil left from the last one, then place it next to it. After a couple of hours, reach for samples and check for fluidity. Counterfeit oil should become very thick. This is explained by the fact that the fake Toyota oil does not imply a specially made counterfeit. Usually the cheapest oil is taken and poured into the original packaging. This oil at low temperatures loses its fluidity very much.


In this article, we looked at the main signs of fake Toyota oil. The instruction can be used to distinguish the fake Toyoyta 5w40 and 5W30. Using these signs, you can protect yourself from counterfeit oil. But do not forget that the final analysis can only give laboratory analysis of oil. However, such a procedure is not always affordable for an ordinary car owner, since the cost of work is several times higher than the cost of the oil itself. Just buy oils in proven places. And in conclusion, we propose to watch the video, in which you will learn how to distinguish the fake oil Toyota 0W30.

That's all! Thank you for your attention and see you soon!
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