How to open a gas station

It is profitable to invest in a profitable business - the dream of every businessman

It is profitable to invest in a profitable business - the dream of every businessman. Someone builds houses, something runs the restaurants, someone has a small factory for the manufacture of windows. You never know what. But you are unlikely to argue that one of the most profitable sectors of the market today is everything related to oil production, refining and subsequent sale. Everyone dreams of their own refinery. But if there is no such gigantic initial capital, then it is quite possible to afford to invest in opening your own gas station. And so, how to open a gas station, where to start? Provided that you have money.

The first thing you have to do is register with the tax office. It is more likely that working in an LLC is more profitable. Because it allows you to enter into transactions with both individuals and legal entities. But at the first stage, it is quite possible to get along with registration as an individual entrepreneur. It is less time consuming and expensive in the initial phase. But you cannot work with legal entities. And at the same time, refueling with gasoline and diesel of a fleet of companies, ranging from municipal to private ones, is a solid part of your hypothetical profit.

After registering with the IFTS, you need to start collecting a number of documents. You definitely need a license for the sale of fuel and its storage. This document is issued by the Ministry of Fuel. Do not do without the permission of local authorities, a number of land lease contracts, and other leases.

Have you already thought about the place for refueling, evaluated the competition, the traffic flow? It's about time. Not all land plots offered to you by the authorities are so attractive from the point of view of profit. Analyze everything well and only then enter into a land lease agreement. Among other things, it is worth remembering that it is impossible to put a gas station closer than 40-50 meters from a residential building due to safety requirements. There are restrictions on the installation of gas stations along the route.

Suppose the issue with the land resolved. Now we understand and plan what kind of fuel we will sell, whether there will be any additional services and services.

All clearly planned, proceed to construction. In addition to the building refueling you need special equipment. Fuel dispensers, fuel storage tanks, a system for managing all this wealth, a number of mandatory devices for ensuring fire safety.

The building at least can not do without a cash register. Not to mention all sorts, shelves, shop windows, stands and so on.

In the future, you should think about opening a cafe. It is very convenient for drivers and beneficial to the owner of the gas station. It is likely that the store with all kinds of car accessories and spare parts will not hurt. But it can be organized later.

With refueling more or less clear. The main question that must be solved is where and from whom you will buy fuel for sale. And how will you transport it.

Finding and choosing a good supplier is not easy. Especially if you work somewhere on the periphery. It makes sense to think about franchising, at least for the first time. Realization of the fuel of a well-known brand will certainly require certain costs. But on the other hand, the fuel from a proven company that people trust is easier to implement. So you will quickly gain your customer base, will win consumer confidence.

Here are all the organizational issues resolved, it's time to hire staff, set fuel prices and open up. In order to attract more customers, it would not be amiss to conclude an agreement with a processing center, such as Premium Cards , eg. Becoming their partner, you add yourself a few points in the treasury of customer trust. Because with fuel cards This processing center employs a huge number of Russians.

And so, how to open a gas station, where to start?
Have you already thought about the place for refueling, evaluated the competition, the traffic flow?
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