After a short circuit. What to do if the wiring is closed

  1. Short circuit warning

Short circuit wiring (short circuit) - a consequence of improper operation, overheating or force majeure situations like flooding the apartment or mechanical damage wire insulation. CZ requires urgent testing and repair of electrical wiring.

Signs of short circuit :

  • the smell of burning;
  • sparks, fire;
  • power outage throughout the room.

Without the experience of electrical work should not be taken for repairs. Do not touch yourself and forbid to touch the home electrical devices which allegedly caused a short circuit. De-energize the room if electricity is not lost in all rooms, and call specialists. The danger of a short circuit is serious. A person and animals can be shocked by the current, the likelihood of a fire is high.

Arriving on call, the master examines the premises. In order to find a short circuit, he tries different ways:

  • inspects automatic fuses and fuses;
  • looking for a place of damage to the wires by the smell of burning and scorching on the walls;
  • connects electrical devices in series, figuring out which of them caused a fault;
  • checks for wire breakage phase, zero and grounding;
  • consistently, on sites, checks the wiring for the cliffs;
  • inspects sockets and switches.

After checking the master proceeds to repair the short circuit. For this purpose, different methods are used, which are selected depending on the cause of the damage:

  • replacement of wires with fused, broken, burnt insulation;
  • replacing phase and zero wire or phase and ground wires - if a check has shown that their electrical circuits inseparable;
  • replacement plugs, faulty sockets and switches.

Short circuit warning

Problems with electrical wiring can warn:

  • Do not overload the network by simultaneously turning on powerful electrical appliances.
  • Quickly call the master to repair sparkling sockets and switches.
  • Do not operate faulty electrical appliances, change or repair them in time.
  • Install a residual current device (RCD) and circuit breaker. AT emergency they disconnect the power supply, thus providing protection against short circuits and overloads.
  • Do not repair the wiring yourself using artisanal methods.
  • Two or three times a year, call the masters to check the status of sockets, switches, power groups of wires.
  • Before drilling openings for shelves, wall cabinets or wall paintings, check for wires. This can be done by checking the wire dilution scheme or using a metal detector.
  • Trust the installation and repair of electrical wiring to experienced electricians who will not damage the cables and will work in accordance with the regulations.

Masters of the Moscow Electricity Company are more than 10 years of preventive, assembly and repair work . Our asset is knowledge, experience and customer confidence.

Call to consult with one of the masters. We are sure that he will impress you with knowledge of the matter, and you will want to entrust him with repair or installation of electrical wiring.

"Moscow Electrics" - happy to be useful. Call!

A short circuit is the definition of the circuit of several wires that are live and have different potentials.

Short circuit fraught fire hazard for electrical wiring, as flammable substances or objects may catch fire due to the insulation ignited from overheating. Burning around the electrical wiring can spread around it, and vice versa, extraneous sources of ignition can ignite the wiring.

Our specialty

  • Wiring Diagnostics
  • Search breakage
  • Determine the place of damage to the electrical wire
  • Determine the location of the wiring boxes
  • Determine the reliability of the insulation of the electric wire
  • Eliminate short circuit
  • Find the leakage current
  • Identify faulty electrical appliances
  • Eliminate the causes of the operation of RCD and circuit breakers
  • Eliminate the faults in the wiring
  • Eliminate errors unqualified wiring

To eliminate such troubles as a short circuit, an electrician is needed To eliminate such troubles as a short circuit, an electrician is needed. Such situations arise in offices, homes and apartments. By calling our specialists, you will see how quickly and professionally the problem will be fixed.

It does not matter, because of what problems with the wiring, the electrician can solve them. Therefore, one should not delay, but invite a specialist to the house, without trying to solve these problems on their own.

The reasons for which there is a short circuit

Short circuit wiring in homes and offices occurs in various situations. Here are some of the most likely and frequent.

1. During the drilling of a wall or nailing, the electrical wiring can be broken. Perhaps a dual development. One wire may be broken, which will lead to partial loss of voltage, or perhaps a short circuit, due to which there will be no light in the whole apartment. If you replace the cork or turn on the machine, the light may appear, although not all over the apartment. But there may be no light, if the main wire was interrupted. It may not be possible to screw the cork or turn on the machine at all. This will happen if the drill hits the wire, shorting the electrical wiring deep in the wall. Then you have to razdalbalyv wall and eliminate the consequences, repairing electrical wiring. In the place where the short circuit occurred, the connection is made, using a terminal block, and if the wiring is copper, use a soldering iron. With this connection, the wiring will continue to work normally. Such work should be done by a professional electrician. If funds are faulty automatic protection If there is an increased load on the wiring, a fire may occur.

2. There is also a reason for which a short circuit occurs, this is the occurrence of insulation melting. This problem may occur in the plug, outlet, junction box, in any place where there is a connection wiring. The main cause of this problem is the presence of bad contact. These compounds begin to heat up when the load increases, which leads to the melting of the insulation and the exposure of the conductive parts of the conductor. Determination of the quality of electrical wiring is carried out visually. Burnt brownish-black insulation and a burnt odor appear under load. If the case of plastic plugs or sockets is warm to the touch under load, then the contact is clearly broken inside, and it is necessary to fix the problem, call an electrician.

3. The third, rarer reason for which a short circuit occurs is elemental water. If someone was poured by neighbors, he will understand what in question . Wiring often suffers in such situations. Moisture appears in junction boxes , destroys the insulation layer, leads to a short circuit of contacts and electrical wiring. If there were no problems with the wiring right away, they may appear after a certain period of time. Light will start to disappear, sockets break. It is difficult to find a fault in the electrical wiring in such cases, since it may be hidden, so special devices will be needed. With a large percentage of electrical faults (more than 20%), it is necessary to replace it completely.

4. With the fourth reason could meet the inhabitants of old houses, in which a short circuit occurs due to rodents. In all available places, they gnaw insulation, which also damages electrical wiring.

In order to prevent a short circuit, it is necessary to exclude insulation melting. Sockets, plugs, junction boxes can have bad contacts. When the load increases, heating occurs, which leads to the melting of the insulation and the exposure of the current-carrying parts of the wiring. Here urgently need an electrician.

When flooding neighbors need to immediately find out the state of the wiring, troubleshoot. Water may remain in the installation and distribution boxes, which will lead to the destruction of the insulating layer and the closure of the contacts. Short circuit can occur in a month. The definition of localization can only be done by a professional.

If you have any problems with electricity, be sure to call the master.

Today we can not imagine a day without using household electrical appliances . They are so firmly established in our lives that when the light in the apartment is turned off, many begin to feel discomfort. Electricity in the apartment may be absent not only due to the fault of the electricians who conduct electrical work in the house or on the overhead line, but also for technical reasons.

Short circuit

Very often, the electricity in the apartment disappears due to a short circuit wiring. Of course, if the wiring in the apartment is divorced copper wires and its diagnosis is carried out regularly, the risk of a short circuit is almost zero. But if the power grid in the apartment has not been updated for a long time and is in a neglected state, then due to cable overloading, wiring can occur.

Everyone has heard about the short circuit, but does everyone have a clue why it occurs? Take, for example, a regular two-wire cable. Its conductors are isolated one from one, since they have different potentials - plus and minus. If their insulation melts from overheating caused by a large load, touching the cores will result in a short circuit. It’s good if the automaton works in the panel and de-energizes this line, otherwise a flash may occur, causing a fire in the apartment.
Everyone has heard about the short circuit, but does everyone have a clue why it occurs

Causes of short circuit wiring

Most often, a short circuit occurs for the following reasons:

  • due to poor wire insulation (at high line loads, the wiring starts to spark);
  • wiring is damaged during installation or during repair work in the apartment;
  • power supply system in poor condition;
  • power consumption exceeds wiring bandwidth.

The occurrence of a short circuit can be avoided if the installation of electrical wiring in the apartment is carried out in accordance with requirements . When wiring a wiring in the house is very important to use quality materials: cables, sockets, switches, wiring boxes. It is best to use cables with copper conductors, the insulation of which is made of PVC (for example, ШВВП, ВВГнг-П or ПВС).

What to do if the wiring occurs

Of course, first of all, you need to take advantage of the "call an electrician at home" service, which is provided by many companies engaged in electrical work . It is quite clear that he will not appear to you in a minute, so you should take steps yourself to prevent the occurrence of a fire in the housing. So, the sequence of actions should be as follows:

  1. If the machine does not work, then you need to turn it off yourself. In the electrical panel there may be several circuit breakers so turn off everything at once if you do not know which line is responsible for which line.
  2. In the event of a fire, it must be immediately extinguished using improvised means. In the subconscious of each person laid down that you need to extinguish the fire with water.

Remember once and for all: to extinguish a burning electrical wiring or electrical appliance with water is life threatening! Water is a conductive substance, so there is a big risk of electric shock.
If everything is in order, then it remains only to wait for the electrician, who upon arrival will repair or replace the wiring.

And finally, I want to give advice: timely replacement of wiring, performed by experienced electricians, is The best way avoid short circuit.

Everyone has heard about the short circuit, but does everyone have a clue why it occurs?
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