10 facts of origin of the name of the program 1C.

Before the 1C program appeared on the market, workers had to search for certain documents for a long time. The 1C program allowed us to significantly speed up this search - the user had to enter certain criteria - and a result appeared. Over time, to facilitate and accelerate the work with documents, an increasing number of companies and enterprises are buying this program - because the price of time in the business world plays a very important role. Company executives are interested in having employees master this program as quickly as possible and fully use it.

1C Company was founded in 1991 in Russia by Boris Georgievich Nuraliev - a famous Russian entrepreneur.

The first program name was given to her by Boris Nuraliev himself, based on the name of her own search engine: 1C (no more than one second to get the necessary information). The program was written by Boris's brother, Sergey Nuraliev, specifically to facilitate the work of the enterprise’s accounting.

Later, the 1C: Enterprise program was launched to the market, which focused on speeding up accounting and management accounting, as well as personnel management and payroll. A large number of varieties of this program have been released: 1C: Enterprise: Salary and personnel management , Trade management , Accounting for Ukraine and others. Educational versions of this program have also been released, designed to be mastered by it. The program is constantly being improved, all new versions are released.

1C Company also released the 1C: Consolidation program. It is intended, first of all, for managers and directors of companies and enterprises, to simplify the analysis of the work of groups of enterprises. Correctly made decisions often depend on how conveniently the information was submitted about the work of the enterprise, its separate subdivisions or branches. In the form of tables, graphs and diagrams, it is much easier for the manager to assess the work of the company, to identify the ratio of financial and other indicators.

After some time, the company 1C was released the program "1C: e-learning." The company has focused on speeding up the learning process and getting quick returns from it, which in our time is a very topical issue for many companies and firms. The program is also designed for use in educational institutions, where the acceleration of the transfer of knowledge from teacher to student plays a very important role.

In the future, the program, which was released by the company 1C - "1C: Document Management" - gave a lot of opportunities for managers and personnel workers of firms and enterprises. Its advantages: file storage (accounting of all documents of the enterprise); teamwork (files are provided for all employees); time tracking (allows the manager to assess the performance of their subordinates); use of the Internet and e-mail (access to files via the Internet); individual settings - each employee is given the opportunity to set their own settings and to prohibit access to files. All these functions of the program "1C: Document Management" several times simplify the work, both for managers and employees. The program makes it possible to save a large amount of time, which is a very significant factor. It allows the head to control his subordinates, which significantly increases the profits of the enterprise. At the moment, this program is already used by a very large number of firms, companies and corporations.

There is another version of the origin of the name of the program 1C. It says that the name was invented in order to be a priority in all known reference books, because the numbers, unlike letters, when sorting alphabetically, are the first.

The next version of the origin of this name can probably be considered a legend. It says that the title 1C coded the expression: "one on one with accounting."

So, since the three versions have already been given above, let's stop at the fourth. She says that the name 1C is the first handwritten letter of the Hebrew alphabet, reads like "Alef".

The next, fifth version says that Boris Nuraliev gave the program name when he saw on his brother's computer (Sergey Nuraliev) a self-made accounting program. Then he conceived with her to make a professional accounting program that would fit for most companies and enterprises. And the name 1C would mean: “Sergey did one” - in spite of all the pirates.

The sixth version of the origin of the name is the expression: "1C - First Grade, or First Company (first company)". But from this the question arises - why then is not the highest grade? This version is not supported by certain evidence.

The seventh version is that the name is not deciphered or translated in any way, it is chosen empirically, that is, the way obtained by certain knowledge - expertly.

The eighth possible version of the creation of the program 1C is that the letter "C" is the only key on the keyboard, the writing of which in Latin and Cyrillic are the same. Before adopting such a name, there were many attempts to search for the variants: “1А, 1Б, 1В” and so on. But, this version should not be considered the main one, because the creation of a large company cannot be accompanied by such an elementary choice of name.

The ninth version of the appearance of the name 1C is that the name 1C means "Unified system" or "Unified standard". That is, only the best programs of the best company can be on the system materials market. Boris Nuraliev wanted to enter the market with a program that would become much better than others, already existing.

And the latest version of the creation of the name of this program has such a small story: Boris Nuraliev, who first came to represent his, yet unknown accounting program, said that: “We have a very good software novelty, and if something is wrong, then wait "1 Second" and your problem will be solved. "

Summarizing the above, we can say that the most truthful and reliable of the ten versions considered is the first. In different sources, this version is more common, and it looks like a true one more than others. Boris Nuraliev and 1C really made a breakthrough in the software market. Over 20 years more and more enterprises, firms, corporations, not only in Russia, but also abroad, use the software products of this company. 1C programmers are not going to stop, releasing more and more new versions of accounting programs. Regarding the name of 1C - the company did not discover the secret of its origin, therefore, it is impossible to be completely sure that any of the considered versions are correct.

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But from this the question arises - why then is not the highest grade?
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